16 November 2007

friday's joke

today has been the most productive day for this week. and also a day with laughter for stress relieve.

sally (my colleague) said that i broke the company's record by being the first chinese girl to wear a baju kurung in the office.

luo qian is assigned to call the chinese media, sally is to call the bm media and i am to call the english media. i couldn't help laughing when i ended a call with one of the medias. we were required to ask the name of the person so that we can note that this so-and-so person confirmed with us that the fax or email has been received just in case if the media claimed they did not receive it at all. here is a snippet of the end of the call between me and MM (short for the name of the media, you go figure it out yourself which newspaper is this. ooops.. that's the clue)

MM : yes, we have received it (fax) already.

Me: may i know who is this speaking please?

MM : i'm siti nurhaliza.

Me : *try to not laugh* er..thank you . have a nice day. (usually i say "thank you have a nice day)

MM: bye *click*

Me : *click* *burst out laughing and relate the story to luo qian*

omg.. even siti nurhaliza doesn't address herself by her fullname. she addressed herself as siti only. so obvious that this girl really want to make fun of me thinking that i would believe her.

luo qian said that i should have refer myself as angelina jolie.

sally on the other hand told me to ask for her autographed picture and she doesn't want datuk k's picture.

when we are done except for a few which lines are really busy, no one picks up or sent to voice box, i told sally about our status. she told me that i can take a break. this is my reply to her:

sally : you can take a break. the rest we continue on monday since they are so busy.

me : wait, still got a couple i have yet to call. who knows maybe i'll get to talk to ziana zain this time.


this is really the joke of the day!

off topic......

here's a picture of the bruise on my leg. remember the one that i mention? the two big holes at the top are the dog's teeth marks. there are two smaller ones at the bottom but it isn't visible.

ok, the picture is blur. i couldn't seem to get a perfect picture. the bruise is purple in colour. not so faded like in the picture.


3POINT8 said...

Wha...vampiric dog!

doraemon1972 said...

Hmm quite a nasty bruise does it seem...

Irdzra said...

adus..i pulak yg rasa sakit :P

anyways..long time didnt come ere la..

eh..hows ur submission tat day ? sempat siap not ?

rainingheaven said...

@3POINT8: haha.. but she's a darling when she's not a vampire

@doraemon1972: ya.. it is nasty.. now it is much better

@irdzra : no worries la. dh baik dh. of course i made it to the submission. mati2 pun kena siap. now tunggu result je

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