04 November 2007

free from assignments

i managed to complete my pr2 assignment this evening. happy! i'm free from assignments. and i also get to go to photoshopworld asia on tuesday. well, pr2 supposed to be due on tuesday. but because i really wanted to go to psworld, i forced myself to complete it today so that i can hand in the hard copy tomorrow along with comm & org hard copy. i have already handed the comm & org's soft copy on friday (it was due then) and pr2's soft copy this evening.

i'm supposed to be sleeping now to make up for all the lost hours and sacrificing my sleep for my assignments. my eye bags are really horrible right now and a zit just so happened wanted to play a role on my face too. darn!

tomorrow will be my last day to step into the library to return all the five books that i've borrowed to complete the two assignments and it will also be the last time i step into the staffroom.

oh well, all the best to me. i really want to pass both my subjects.

btw, i'm a week behind in my collage for my 365days project. i'll do it tomorrow then.


3POINT8 said...

5 books?? from the library??
wow....someone sure is hardworking!

rainingheaven said...

i had too. can't just rely on the internet. sometimes internet cannot find what i want.

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