12 November 2007

day 1 - internship

today is my first day of internship.

i've been doing media monitoring the whole day. a stack of malay dailies, a stack of sabah news, sarawak news and borneo news and several copies of magazines. enough to keep me occupied from 10am up til 5pm. thank god my eyes are still normal and not cock-eyed yet. maybe in a few more days it will be.

msn is one tool of communication there. therefore, it is LEGAL to msn though i barely use my msn. now i have to diligently use it.

i got bitten by my dog this morning at 4am. don't ask me how. now it is swollen and has 4 teeth marks on my left leg. i have several other bite marks from the same dog last week on both my foot, one bite-scratch mark next to my left eye. i'm NOT pretty anymore. that explains why nobody wants me *sob sob*

oh well, i got to monitor both english and malay dailies tomorrow because the person who is suppose to give me work and also the one who does the english dailies for today will be out for a meeting. more newspapers to read. and i've got an assignment given by my boss to be emailed to her by 4pm tomorrow.

wish me luck!

here's a snapshot of the new sabah times and utusan sarawak.


fami said...

hello :)

what type of internship that you are doing, miss raining? does it means that you have to go for pages to pages, skimmed everything and analyse it? or, how else?

do msg me at the blog for anything special which you want to share, during your internship. I am looking forward for that :)

by the way, I believe i did resemble somewhat like howie D, huhu~ :p

doraemon1972 said...

good luck on your ojt.

haniko said...

so great in ur internship day. hikhik...

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