13 November 2007


i left office at 7pm today. yes the office hour is from 9am to 6pm. ya, that means i'll end up at home really late as the day comes. nothing much happened today. besides that, my friend, luo qian and i ended up eating bread at the gardens. we sat at the sofa in front of the concierge counter. haha. no money to go eat expensive stuff.

besides media monitoring, i would say the term to be use for that job we did today is media calling. we faxed media invites out to all news agencies, magazine agencies and media agencies. i learnt that faxing doesn't mean you have to stand by the fax machine, dial the number and wait for the paper to transmit. i can actually send using the computer! with one condition, the computer has to be connected to the fax machine. damn cool. i just open the file, key in the number and click ok. and voila! the document is faxed! after that we have to call each and every agency to double check if they have received the fax. being a lefty, i'll obviously place the receiver at my left ear and i was on the phone for like 2 hours. my ears hurt! now, not that my ears only hurt, my eyes too! from all that small print reading.

and fahmi, here's the 4pm assignment. the assignment became a 5pm assignment. haha. luo qian has to come out with a questionnaire whereas i have to come out with a module for the boss to conduct a 2 hour session on the basics of communicating with the media. thanks to the internet, i managed to get some ideas from there, twist here and there a little with my own words and i'm done. sorry God for the plagiarism i made. it saved my life. seriously.

i'm too dead tired to work on my photoshop pieces. my fotopages friend are bugging me to post of my pictures from my holidays and outing. as of yesterday, i only managed to post up the kuala selangor pictures where i visited a month ago.

tomorrow is going to be another long day. gosh, it has only been 2 days and for these 2 days, i didn't do much at home besides having dinner and locking myself in the room. i'm just fungry (f*king hungry) and ftired (f*cking tired).

oh ya.. and my sunburnt the other day had turned into a tan. i'm so many shades darker. myTeddy would be darn happy cos i'm as dark as him right now. besides. he won't be jealous of me being fairer than him all this while. will post up a picture for you to see the tan and also the swollen part of my leg which my dog has bitten. it is a little purplish and red and it hurts!

how can i forget. one of the toilets in the office has a small poster about stools. it talks about how to see if our stools is healthy or unhealthy based on the colour, the texture (you don't have to touch it), whether it is floating or not and a few more others.

sorry for the low quality picture. hope you can roughly see it.

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fiq said...

lol. xpernah tau pasal healthy stools.

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