02 November 2007

3500 up

alas! my 3500 word essay is out on cyberspace. i've been sitting in front of the pc since 8.30am this morning. yes. 8.30am. sleeping at about 1.30am, i set my alarm to 6.30am. but i ended up snoozing it up to 7.30am and later resetting the alarm to 8.30am. i couldn't take it. i need the sleep. i didn't sleep well the night before. what more, yesterday i didn't manage to put in any words into my assignment.

with an hour sleeping break of 30 minutes per session, my day was really just sitting in front of the pc besides doing the laundry, cleaning the house and such. that explains why i took longer to complete and upload onto cyberspace.

my soft toys and plush bear have been diligently accompanying me to complete my assignments. i was basically talking to them at night when i am alone in my room working. here they are!

cola the koala (who sits on the monitor)

mr b (bowtie bear) and nini (named after my pet rabbit bunny aka nini) and they both sits on the bed

and this little plush bear is not named yet. any suggestions? this fella sits next to my pc.

mind you, cola, mr b and nini is as old as me. i still have hammy (a hamster look- alike soft toy) who is as old as me too but she prefers to sit in her tree house.

in addition to that (gosh, i've been using these 4 words in my essay), i think i'm addicted to facebook. i'm still thinking of which is better to be used for an alumni circle suggested by ms adeline. besides, i've been hooked on facebook. yikes! this is bad. really bad.


doraemon1972 said...

nicely done, keep up the ranting. in exchange, do drop by mines lol...

rainingheaven said...

hi there! i will. i'm linking you too! you are so fast in linking me up!

all the best to you too!

may we make good friends!

fiq said...

lil.b , b for bob. bob kecil. hahahha

rainingheaven said...

no way i'm going to name him bob. bukannye ape. i just have too many friends by that name and that's the last thing i want to remind myself of them.

i rather called it ciku then call it bob. tapi ciku so gay.. haha

rainingheaven said...

oh ya lupa.
it's name from the website is russell.. tapi tak nak la.. hehe.. i'm fussy..

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