05 October 2007


this week has been a really busy week.

i stayed over at lily's on monday night after the symposium rehearsal because myTeddy couldn't pick me up as he has to ferry his mom for shopping. so i had slumber party at lily's. lily's place is cosy and cooling. we didn't do much as we had to wake up early the next morning.

2nd oct - communication symposium.
i was in charge to bring the frame up. that's all. haha. had to dress up formal. the symposium was fine. food was ok. yes, i was naughty. i didn't puasa that day. the whole thing finished at like 4.15pm. we reached back college around 5pm and it was the jam peak hours. so luo qian didn't want to be stuck in the traffic and off we headed for pyramid together with lily and debbie. all of us in our formal attire and our heels which after a long day of walking, it really hurts. it was fun going out with those girls. and i slept like a dead man that night. below are the unedited pictures from the symposium.

luyi. melissa lai

jessica. melissa w

amy. adeline. peak poh. shwu tyng

ben. liyana. debbie. luo qian

standing: lily. ashley
sitting : liyana, debbie, luo qian


adeline and luyi. ms sophia and melissa lai at the backgrond.

3rd oct - as i didn't want to go to college on friday just to hand in the hard copy of the assignment, i decided to complete all of it by today and hand it in on thursday. i didn't sleep the whole night. i was in front of the computer from 2pm until 5am. yes, and i completed everything. from nothing to something. just as i thought of handing it up, the class decided to bodek the lecturer to extend the handing up of the hard copy. yes, she agreed but we still have to hand in the soft copy on friday by 11.45pm. oh heck, i came home from class and slept until the next day...

today! yes, i woke up at 11am. haha. i did wake up for sahur. myTeddy woke me up and he said i mengigau when answering his call. did i? i cannot remember. i went back to bed after my maggi mee and just slept til 11am. i was too lazy to wake up at that time too. so i lazed for a while and only woke up at 12pm. haha.. i'm the world's lazy pig!

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