10 October 2007

myTeddy is in Japan

myTeddy landed safely at the Narita Airport at about 7pm (malaysian time). a lot of things has taken place before he left for Japan. we talked about it but have yet to come to conclusions because we both are confused and unsure about what to do. we cried over it because both of us are stuck.

oh well, i hope everything will be alright. i don't want the relationship to suffer more because it is already suffering. we both suffer from it.

in case you are wondering, myTeddy is in Japan to attend his Scouts' Asia Pacific forum and conference. that's two separate events taking place one after another at the same country. i'm so proud of him. i'm happy for him that he was chosen though part of me didn't really want to. now, he'll be having his raya there himself. my first raya with him and he is there in Japan dealing with serious stuff. i wish him all the best.

myTeddy : if you are reading this, do not worry about me ok? i'll be fine here. you just go do what you do best for both the forum and conference ok? i have faith in you. like how the japanese would say , GANBATTE!!

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