23 October 2007


today is a very long day for both luo qian and me.

classes from 9am to 3pm. and i had my interview at 6pm. we were both at mid valley from 3.35pm. i have no idea what we were doing. just walking round in circles. haha. the interview was short. just asked a little more about myself and why is my hobbies and interest so different. haha.

i'm just tired. oh ya.. we went to the gardens too. but i was really lazy to take pictures. so freaking tired that we ended up sitting at the lobby where there are sofas right as you enter and just laze there and talk.

oh well. we have to go to college tomorrow for the 2nd briefing of our internship for 2 freaking hours. just as i thought of waking up later after what i did today. aih.. there goes my plan.

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