20 September 2007

work call

myTeddy just got a call to go to his office just now at 10pm. for something he wasn't even involve in. yes, a presentation that he is totally clueless about. and guess what, the presentation is tomorrow.

i was upset because he wasn't feeling that well. he was a little drowsy. i just hope the sudden call and the sudden time needed for him to study the whole thing will not affect his health. i just don't want him to get sick. getting sick is the worst part.

dear all the bosses in any company,

if you felt that you have done such thing or anything similar to your employees, please give your employees a break. you are supposed to be paying them way much more as all of them are on-call just for you. giving them the current pay is definitely not enough for all the things that they had to do to save your sorry ass. and those employees that you put in charge of the project and are not doing their job, should be fired instead. not keep them for they have no use to stay in your company as they will just be taking salary which is by right meant for the rest who have been working way TOO much to save your reputation.

thank you.

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