08 September 2007

traditional vs digital scrapbooking

yours truly here was only exposed to traditional scrapbooking. which means to achieve the wonderful final page ones has to get acid free paper with acid free glue and any sorts of embellishments, etc , cut them and paste them all together in a page to create the wonder effect.

i stopped there because i didn't want to cut out those expensive papers anymore. yes, bying it in malaysia is WAY expensive. so i just stopped there and worked on greeting cards. i've done lots of birthday cards, xmas cards and then i stopped there too. too busy with college.

but guess what, thanks to along, i can indulge in scrapbooking again. digital version. i saw a digital scrapbooking magazine not too long ago and heck they use some darn pro software. can't really remember. what more i didn't know where to get the same kinds of embellishments to create the same effect as the traditional ones. then along told me i can download for FREE (yes free. some of them) after i saw hers. and i can't help myself from googling since then. haha. i can't wait to work on my first digital piece.

thanks along! can't wait to meet up with you.

1 comment:

alongariff said...

heehehehe, just read this entry of yours..

cant wait to see ur first digital piece too~!!

happy fasting :)

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