18 September 2007


i just realised that all my main fonts, links and such are all in blue. what can i say, my favourite colour is blue.

until today, i still cannot get that [blockquote] thingy to function. the one icon with the hug quote when typing in an entry. it just doesn't seem to appear everytime i try to use it. all it does is create an indent to it. stupid! it has been so many years and yet still the same result. i might as well migrate to another blog.


litium said...

i think it's related to your css maybe. have to check it out. by the way, wordpress is cool you know. *membuat hasutan keji* haha

rainingheaven said...

mel tau... mel pun ade wordpress *wink wink* tgh nak convert semua la ni. tapi some entries tak kluar cam sini la.

aiks.. css? ni mmg template blogger pun. mel tak ubah ape pun.. haha

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