06 September 2007

siddiq's comment

siddiq commented my fotopages. he left a comment which reminds me of the journey back from lumut. in the bus we having karaoke sessions. yes, with the small tv and the vcd player in the bus, we managed to sing until we got really tired. oh yes, those songs weren't very new either. they were quite old malay songs.

memang terperanjat pun
can u believe, chinese listen to malay song futhermore she can sing very well
i was very shocked
she can mix up very well

okok. ignore the english. i can sing very well? what he meant was that i can sing to the malay songs. i'm not a good singer. only a bathroom and bedroom singer.

she can mix up well would be that i'm able to adapt. flexibility. more to the masuk air kind of thing. haha. he was shocked when i sang the entire song of cinta untuk nabila. haha.. he started the first line and i joined in until the end.


litium said...

even tho i've never meet you but i can feel it that yo do can mix up well.

maybe from the pictures and what you write in blog. i just know it!


rainingheaven said...

aww.. so sweet of you.. must really meet you. after so many years of blog commenting and stuff.

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