30 September 2007

short film

nazirah messaged me seeking help for a non-malay role of her short file assignment. i agreed to help her out and almost back out after several problems arised. in the end, i still managed to helped her out.

my role is being this girl who is 25, just graduated and is jobless. her passion is singing. and yes, i have to play the guitar which i do not know how. olok-olok main la. buat show je. and later being discovered by an executive from a recording company.

it was fun. the production crew was awesome. eba, alin, syira and nazirah herself. i've never been in any role of acting except for role playing activities in class and it is not a documented piece. thank god there isn't much dialogue. thank god there's lots of monologues. i had to speak in cantonese. the playback of my own voice right after the recording was funny. for once, i think i really sounded like those segment where they tell stories on the chinese radio channels.

nazirah, i would love to see the end product. maklumlah, mass comm taylor's takde subjek cam ko tu yang kat mass comm uitm.

everyone was tired of course. but the experience for me was wonderful as i managed to see how they work together, what are the things needed. oh yes, reflectors are heavenly!

lucks to you girls during the presentation!


fiq said...

cambest je. =0

She's Jess said...

i wanna see too :D

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