23 September 2007

photography lingo

i need to learn up on the photography lingo such as apperture, shutter speed, exposure, focal length, ISO speed, and whatever you can think of.

i just found out that the pictures i posted in my flickr comes with an EXIF ( exchangable image file) data. the picture comes complete with all the details (which is the lingo of course) and even the date and time of the picture that was taken.

somehow, my camera is able to adjust all these but until today, i still have yet to know how because photography illiterate. all i know is to point and shoot. hmm..

need to grab daddy's photography magazine and start learning. and that will be after i am done with my assignments. learning the lingo can be put on hold for a little while but my assignment due dates aren't going to be postpone. just hope that i learn the lingo well to have it stored in my brain.

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Doc Faisal said...

Hi Melissa,
What a welcome you recvd on FMDC site..hehehe. Anyway, should you need some basic explanation on photography lingo in Bahasa, please feel free to visit my photography tutotial blog. See you at the next outing.

Doc Faisal

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