22 September 2007

my students

my students! what can i say about them.

sometimes they are naughty.
sometimes they are nice.
but most of all, they are all very cute.

i have 6 students in total.

the morning class (9.30am-11.30am)

jin vern, 6, is a smart girl. she loves reading and doesn't say no to anything that i said.

her sister jin er, 5, is a chatterbox. she just loves to talk and talk.

jia chee, 5, is the quiet one. also blur most of the times.

the evening class (3pm-5pm)

jing wern, 8, is an intelligent girl. she just knows the answers to almost everything that i give her to do. loves pink.

zhen kian, 6, is very straight forward. he doesn't like to use other people's stationary eventhough it is in front of him. he will take the effort to go through his bag inside and out for that particular stationary. always writes on a blunt pencil and insist that it is consider sharp in a way as it is still able to write.

dexter, 8, the manipulator. haha. he hates reading. he hates writing. but he loves to play.

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