14 September 2007

i've been tagged! and so are you!

litium tagged me!!

1. What’s bothering you right now?
:: there's this something. but i can't say it here. it's a complicated situation.

2. Describe your:

:: the wallet's brand is blue cross as the word is all over it and has a monkey on it. it's black and white and it was last year's christmas gift from my sister.

wallpaper on pc :: previously it was one of the available wallpaper from the pc. now it is a picture. a picture of all of us in our certificates during the kelantan rover moot. i believe i have that picture in one of the previous entry. i miss most of the people from that rover moot.

background on cellphone :: it's a theme available from the phone. it's a little gold and reddish, yellowish and such.

jewellery worn daily :: my 21 year old padlock chain by my mom. it is actually a handbag but it does look like a padlock.

eyes :: i've got small eyes. aih..

life :: life is full of ups and down and chan

3. What are you / do you :

doing this weekend :: i have to teach on saturday and i found out there'll be a photography festival at times square on tomorrow and sunday (15-16 sept). but i'm not sure what is the agneda for the festival.

wearing :: a sylvester t-shirt and black shorts

want :: to own a car of my own, DSLR, lomocam, money, laptop, phone, etc.

listening to :: nothing.

smell like :: bodyshop oceanus.

4. Do you

believe in soulmate :: yes i do.
believe in miracles :: well, not so much of it.
burn quickly in the sun :: oh yes, i do burn. burn baby burn. i'm already enough tan. dear sun, stop burning me!!

Who to tag?
1. jess
2. eelaine
3. along
4. debbie
5. nisa
6. and everyone else!

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