10 September 2007

human rights & election

date: 9th september

attended a conference on 'human rights and election' organised by the human rights commission of malaysia (suhakan). it basically talks about our rights as malaysians in the election world. from the nomination to the campaigns to the ballots to the voting day.

it was pretty interesting for me though i was alone (under the girl guides association of malaysia wing). i actually listened and took little notes. usually, i wouldn't be taking any notes at all.

the panelists for that day were

  • ym tunku abdul aziz ibrahim (president of caux round table malaysia)
  • dr mavis puthucheary (associate senior fellow, ikmas - university kebangsaan malaysia)
  • mr ragunath kesavan (vice president of bar council malaysia)
  • prof dr abdul aziz bari (ahmad ibrahim kulliyah of law, international islamic university of malaysia)
the discussion during the conference was interesting. so many people, so many questions but so little time. some asking on university voting in local universities (since we don't have them in private ones), the cases, etc.

i'm not granted my human right of freedom of speech in my blog. darn!

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