17 September 2007

puasa day #5

today is day 5. i have been sleeping like at about 2-3 am and later wake up at about 4.30-5am for sahur. if i'm lucky, i get to catch my teddy bear online too and we'll end up ym-ing until about 6am before we both go to sleep.

lucky me i am currently on a one week mid sem break. so i'm enjoying waking up really late which i've never done before. i'll have to adjust when classes begins. i guess next week i'll be the walking zombie again and the panda bear. haha.

fasting is fun. despite that i don't get to go to bazaars and feast my eyes on all the food they have there. ya, i wished i can be there. i bet it is way better than the famous taman connaught night market.

my teddy bear called me just now to let me know that he has activated his roaming system which will allow him to call me from overseas. i didn't allow him to call me because the rates are freaking expensive! first 3 minutes rm4.50. subsequent minutes rm2.50. imagine how many packets of nasi lemak or how many sets of McDonald's value meals you can buy!

speaking of nasi lemak and McD, i think i'm craving for it now!

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