16 August 2007

off to melaka

yes everyday. i'll be off to melaka tomorrow afternoon. it is for the wpkl youth council program. apparently it is called "seminar kepimpinan pertubuhan belia peringkat wilayah persekutuan". but the program has a few from majlis belia malaysia (mbm) though.

the other highlight of the program is the 16th AGM of majlis belia wilayah persekutuan (mbwp). gosh, i miss the people from the various associations that i met during mbwp. last i met them was during a dinner. my girl guide senior staff were curious how come i know so many of them. haha, they are the ones who send me for mbwp programs/events everytime and the programs/events are usually attended by the same top people. me being the youngest among the ones who represent their association. for sure.

i'm so looking forward to meet the people instead. haha. can't wait!

here's some pictures from the rover moot to kelantan the other day. we took over 1k pictures.. here's only a small part to it.

(l-r) :
the 3 of us in our uniforms. they make me wear the blue one so that the other participants will be able to know that there's another type of uniform for us young guiders.

tumpat train station on the day we leave.

graduation ceremony. we completed module A and module B. that's the official cert for it!

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