15 August 2007

internet problems

it has been 12 hours. 12 hours of not being able to load webpages. so far i've only managed to load friendster and fotopages and blogger of course.

i can't load yahoo to do research.
i can't load yahoomail to check my emails.
i can't load college blackboard to check for my assignments.
i can't load myspace to view my friend's comments on my images.
i can't load my yhoo groups to check on latest updates especially on my girl guide groups.
i can't load yahoo so i tried google but it also doesn't work.
i can't load ANYTHING!

i wonder what is wrong.

IT expert friends have contributed ideas but eventually ran out of ideas to solve my wonderful problem. this is because they said that " everything is fine! don't understand what is going on to your pc."



supersomething said...

hello there. r u using streamyx? i have been informed that they're currently undergoing some upgrade/maintenance or whatever. i would have a go at your pc, but unfortunately, i don't know where you are. hehe. anyway, if you do use streamyx service, call them up...

jumped from thanks for the picnik tips! :) cheers!

rainingheaven said...

hi there.. haha.. guess what.. after i posted up this entry..i managed to load yahoo!! haha.. yes, i know about the upgrade/maintenance that streamyx is undergoing but it was because my other friends weren't having any problems with it is what makes me a little not myself. but anyway. thanks! oh.. you visited piknik? piknik is fun.. esp when i'm not getting rusty with photoshop. =p have fun and thanks!

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