06 August 2007

i'm back

just came back from kelantan this morning. had a camp with the titiwangsa scouts. before we left on thursday night, i attended the women's summit at sime darby convention centre. the event was great. over 1000 women were there and a handful of men too!

i remember what najib, our deputy prime minister said in his speech as part of the joke.

"women know nothing about figures. all they know is their own figures. and they know it very well."

"when on sale, women will buy not one thing but several things and come back to tell their husbands, "darling, i've saved your money!""

it was so funny. all of us couldn't stop laughing.

but the best of all was kelantan. though i know you guys must be thinking why all the way to kelantan.

we left by the train. yes. a 13-hour ride train. my first experience. it was fun. to and fro we started night and late evening therefore we reached in the morning.

the camp was great. i never felt anything like it before though i have been to countless of camps organized by the girl guides. i don't know what's so different. but it just felt different. the after-feel of the camp.

norma was trying to make karling and me feel comfortable. i owe everything to norma for making sure we are ok as we were sleeping in the same room. i owe many thanks to fikar too for making sure i'm ok by asking me whenever i suppose he saw me not looking like myself. but most of all i have to thank abg latiff for giving me the opportunity and allowing me to be part of the camp. it was an experience that i cannot explain just by words.

it was worth being sleepy to class this morning. i wasn't concentrating to what miss adeline was saying and i know i answered something else when she ask everyone whether to kick out the lady or the man for a given situation. thank god no one realised it.

i think i answered luo qian's questions the same thing when i hitched a ride back from her. haha. i was so sleepy. surprisingly, i slept in the train but i still felt sleepy.

i just can't wait for round 2 if there is going to be a round 2.


Yours Truly ... XOXO said...

"when on sale, women will buy not one thing but several things and come back to tell their husbands, "darling, i've saved your money!""

hehehe this is sooo funny! but somehow very true lah.. ;P

edt83 said...

mel...where ur camp pic???wanna see them alll!!!

rainingheaven said...

edt.. saar ye. mel pun tgh tggu pic dr mmb. dia yg jadi jurugambar. mel tak byk ambik pic. pic mel sendiri ngn org lain pun tak byk. hahaa

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