23 August 2007

i was back on sunday

i forgot to inform you all that i was back on sunday. sunday evening at about 7pm. i was too tired that i just went to bed.

i'm very depressed because the backup file that i put it in my C-drive before i format my E-drive is not complete! half of my pictures in my picture folder is missing. i'm so upset. i didn't knew it was missing because all the folders were already there. darn. stupid computer. all my girl guide pictures are gone. the ones which i took during a radio interview- the one i love most as it was a once in a lifetime opportunity is gone. i'm so sad..


litium said...

poor you.. u shoudn't trust the stupid computer. always backup in a cd or dvd or something outside the HD. i had this experience before. trust me, i know how you feel.

rainingheaven said...


good to have you back. rindu sama you. aih.. mana tau dia tak habis transfer.. sbb folder after that folder semua ade. itu yg pelik.. eish.. tension..

litium said...

hahaha rindu ke. :">

ape nak buat bende dah jadi. next time, double, triple backup! :P

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