31 August 2007

happy merdeka

31st august - a day which everyone remembers. a day where people dress up. a day where it is a family outing at the dataran merdeka. or a day of sitting in front of the television to watch the parade for those who does not like to be around a sea of people.

after 2 years of participating in the parade and years of watching the parade in front of the television, i am proud to say that i was one of the audience at the parade itself today. i was with the family. we were late according to dad as they were there by 6.30am the last time when i took part in the marching for girl guides. we reached there at 7.30am this time. the place was already packed with people trying to find good spots to watch the parade. children were all very good as they did not throw tantrum. they just sat and enjoyed the whole parade.

at the beginning, i couldn't get a nice spot for pictures. i missed those antique cars that were driven out as i was standing right where they turn, and there were so many people on front of me. gosh.. i spotted a place. i quickly walked pass the army on guard along the road and found my spot. right next to the camera man filming the entire parade. next to me were a few photographers - some with the media, and some i suppose they were photography students. yeah, and mine was the smallest camera - my trusty sony dsc v-3 that came home from the hospital just in time for the parade. the other photographers were all holding at least a DSLR each. one even had a luggage bag with him. i guess there's where he kept all his lenses and extra cameras and such. and yes, i was right in front. my perfect spot. i tried to get dad to join me but he couldn't get out from the crowd he was stuck in.

oh well, all in all, the parade was perfect. except that typical malaysians, they just litter everywhere. the whole street was strewn with newspapers, bottles, plastics, etc. that's how malaysians party i suppose. i was a little upset seeing all those rubbish on the street and i can't do much about it. it's the whole street for goodness sake! how much can i do?

the picture will be uploaded as soon as possible. will let you know. no worries. now i just need to rest my head. i need to wake up early for class later and i haven't gotten much rest.

have a nice long weekend!

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