11 August 2007



my final semester had started 2 weeks back. i'm still lost even after those 2 weeks. i didn't know what to do. the assignments are already in but i'm still pretty blur. my usual hangout kakis from semester 1 are all scattered because they are in the 2-years program while i'm in the 1.5. therefore the subject we take are slightly different.

the ptptn is a screw up. apparently we only get out loan in october. they said it is because we missed the due date of grade submission. thanks to australia who took sooo freaking long just to post up our grades. it took them a month to settle with all 4 subjects. the final one just 2 days before the semester begins. how on earth do you think can we submit our grades to ptptn? and it is all our fault it seems. aih..

i'll be off this weekend to a program by the majlis belia. can't wait. i'm more excited about girl guides than studying. gosh, this is so bad. fikar is so going to screw me. we had a long talk the other day about this. he's kicking some sense in me. thanks fikar. i owe you so much. so very much.

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tumpanglalu said...

karang seperenggan dua pasal hal ptptn tu then submit kt paper. memana paper pun xpa tp kebarangkalian akan muncul di tabloit sbb depa jnis suka publisiti. aku penah hadapi mslh ptptn juga. dr sem 1 smpi sem 3 loan xmsk. bayangkn kena guna duit sendri. ku tulis surat aduan, semuka penuh a4 gak la then antar kt bebyk paper tp yg naik kt tabloit. of course aku anonymouskan diri. dua ari lps tu ptptn reply dlm tabloit tu juga kata depa akan selesaikan sebarang mslh aku secpt mungkin even depa xtau depa berurusan dgn sapa haha pelik kan. apapun ujung sem 3 baru aku dpt loan. lum sum. gilaaa suka atiii duit beribu haha. you shud try pal. bkn nak tunjuk protes kpd wakil kerajaan cuma kekadang depa ni kena gak diusik dicubit :)

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