29 July 2007

where can i find this?

i just completed a cross stitch key chain. it was fun. i did a rat and a tiger from the chinese horoscope. the package comes with the pattern, thread, needle, cloth and the key chain holder. and i got it for a really good deal. all for rm1.90. yes rm1.90 only. i wonder where to find some more of it.

as the matter of fact, i'm more into looking for the holder because the rest i know where i can get separately. just the holder. i've searched hi and lo for that holder and i still cannot find it. it doesn't matter what shape it is. as long i know where to get it. once you know where, you'll be able to find any design. hopefully. any of you know where? below are the sample of the holder.

the holder can be taken apart to put in the cloth or designed paper.

1 comment:

She's Jess said...

Very pretty key chains!

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