24 July 2007

air pistol shooting competition @ TUDM

today was a really great day for me. had air pistol shooting competition at TUDM (tentera udara diraja malaysia) which is the royal military air force. and of course, the girl guides were invited! we were thinking it would be the paintball style competition since we have no idea of the set up, no rules, no instructions, no anything. all we know is that we were going to shoot something.

we later found out that it is a shooting range that has 4 bays.

now that's me with the air pistol. the silver cylinder at the front is the gas. we shot very small metal bullets.

that's my target sheet. i got more flying bullets than i shot at the target.

l-r: christal, melissa, norma, karling

norma is with the king scouts brotherhood and she joined us because we invited her to, us our volunteer. christal is a girl guide from penang. the picture is with their bunting.

after a long morning of shooting, we were given 2 rooms with 4 beds each to rest and prepare for the hi-tea reception. basically, we the 4 young ones crashed into a room. the 3 of us were busy talking while christal was already sleeping under 2 pillows. yes, she slept under the pillows, she didn't sleep on them.

we changed to our required costumes. the theme is cowboy/cowgirl aka western/country. that's us in our attire. pn chempaka managed to complete our wardrobe with the cowboy hat and the scarf.

it ain't complete without horses. haha.. coincidently there were horses. therefore we took a picture with them using the timer on the camera. we didn't dare go close as we didn't want to be kicked at the butt. plus the caretaker for the horses were away. don't want to get into trouble on military grounds.

we had good food. yes, seriously, the food was really good. the ladies dragged us to do line dancing with them. well, i think we were the only 4 unmarried ones (christal, karling, norma and me) as the event was actually held for those wives of those military (air force, navy, etc). the girl guides got called out to sing! aisiah and rohana did a malay number while norma and i did an english number (take me home, country roads). perfect song for the event. we continued with green, green grass of home.

well, i thought we would stop there. hell no, we didn't. hwe continued with one more number together with a lady. gosh, didn't even get to know her name. i cannot really remember the title of the song. but it is a song i know. darn.. just can't remember it.

how can i not end the post with the picture of the three of us. the scouting and guiding spirit lives in us!


dani said...

you got talent la.. anyway, you've been tagged

icalvyn said...

the air bullet long time i play before, just behind the botanical garden at penang...that time was great...but not for public...

last time represent sch...

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