22 July 2007

seri endon victory ventures cancerchamps 2007

this is the picture i love most! taken at outward bound lumut (obl)

i miss the cancerchamps!!

they proof to me that having cancer isn't the end of life.

nazri, despite having only his left leg managed to abseil up and down a wall.

zaman, suffering from a broken left leg managed to abseil up and down a wall as well though dr. alvin doesn't really encouraged it and is quite worried about it.

the guys did the hakka. the girls did 2 maori numbers..

"piko piko piko piko piko piko TORO piko"
"toro toro toro toro toro toro PIKO toro"

- from a maori song 'A.E.I.O.U'

their text messages, online messages, friendster and myspace comments make me miss them more. we only spent 4 days together and each of us are already sending i-miss-you messages.

can't wait to go out with the ones from kl soon and the ones on the northern and southern side too when they come by kl.

and also, they booked me for next year's sevv. haha..

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