10 July 2007

the long-promised pictures

i'm back! and here are the promised pictures. not all of it. but some of it.

from the asia pacific regional conference (aprc) 3rd-10th june

this is the aprc blanket. each present country is to bring a piece of cloth that represents their country and have the name of the association stiched on it.

the bunch of young delegates from the asia pacific region.

the reflection by girl scouts korea. my prayer is somewhere there!

this is the exhibition board by us malaysians. check out the dolls drape in our uniforms. from the previous skirt to the current slacks.

and this is me.. caught sleeping during the briefing on the first day. haha. didn't sleep the night before that's why.

a picture with the banner in front of the hotel.

here are the pictures from the campboree (15th-17th june).

not all. only some of it.

this is the "pintu gerbang", the main entrance.

this is me, karling and veno. we climbed up the scaffold for this pic.

the campers walking to the titiwangsa lake. everyone is so excited because...

everyone got a free ride on the eye!!

1 comment:

Gallivanter said...

Interesting, I should get myself involved for future campboree...unless there's an age limit as I'm edging closer towards retirement age...LOL

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