03 June 2007

prayers needed

i'm going to need lots of prayers from all of you. Pray that my grades will be alright and that i'll make it through to the next semester with no failures. i'm just praying and hoping so much that all things goes on well.

i'll be away until the 10th june for the asia pacific conference which starts today. hoepfully there is a booth with laptops and internet connection so that i'll be able to update of the happenings at teh conference and with pictures too. unedited ones. haha.

kamil isn't really happy that i'll be skipping classes because of the conference. i had to lie so that he thinks i'll just b only missing a 2 hour class and that all other classes are over. well, as the matter of fact, there is still consultation for dr vijaya's on tuesday morning and mr shahid's classes on wednesday and friday at 10am. i'm not going to be able to spend as much time as all my other friends have for ms thong's design class. i'll be bringing my installer there. who knows that maybe i get to install it in their laptop and work from there. better than not trying right.

oh ya, he said that if he finds out if i ever fai lany subject, he's going to go to HQ and scold whoever is it who chooses me to attend the conference as he believes that out of so many memers, there are many more others as well, so why me. that's his argument. besides, i cannot afford to fail. if i do, i'll be out of the v-team. mati also!

just continue praying and crossing your fingers for me. i really need it. thanks a lot!!

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