19 June 2007

in state of recovery

sorry for my dissapering act again. a week after i return from the conference, i was whisked off for a campboree from 15-17 june. i just had 2 days of 15 hours sleep each to recover from all that business.

i had my 21st birthday on june 16! without cakes and songs and presents. yes, that's how sad it was. it was just like any other day in my life. 21 is suppose tobe a big thing right? looks like mine is just normal. the only present i got was from my parents. a pendant of a handbag (my mom just adores handbag pendant)and the necklace holding the pendant.

i did get my ride on 'the eye' during the camporee though. but it wasn't that fun when kamil promised that we'll go for our 2nd anniversary last month. guess i'll have to wait since he's away in uni.

oh well, my conference pictures are all screwed up. i saved the same file instead of the different file. i have to make fatin get them to me.

so now i owe you guys the conference and campboree pictures. didn't take much during the campboree. was too busy organizing the food and stuff.

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