12 June 2007

i'm back

i'm back from the conference. yes, on sunday evening. sorry for not updating right away then. i was doing my assignment which is due today. i just burn my documents in the cd and it is now waiting to be handed in. sight of relieve. i can sleep peacefully now since all assignments are up.

will update with the pictures from the conference once i get hold of it. i did not take much pictures. was too busy. need to ask grace and karling at hq for the pictures as they were the photograhers throughout the whole event.

oh well, until then, i'll be just posting ranadom thoughts.


Dani said...

what kind of conference that you have attended? any latest info that can be shared?

rainingheaven said...

hey. it's the asia pacific girl guide and girl scout conference which was suppose to take place in sri lanka but was reschedule to malaysia because of security purposes.

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