02 June 2007

assignments + internet = disaster

assignments + internet = disaster.

yes, to the equation. why? because.. whenever i am doing assignments on the computer, i tend to get distracted. with streamyx, who wouldn't be distracted? when i run of ideas, i'll be blog hopping, checking my myspace and friendster, trying to find a friend to chat with (as for now fikar becomes my target from sms to ym) and thus the assignments take longer to finish.

but hey, at least it is completed. only that it takes a freaking long time. i only work best after 12am. i was working on the assignment at 9pm put i keep feeling sleepy. right after 12am til now, i am so energized. i guess my body is at a different time zone.

besides, there won't be much people to chat with at this godly hour. therefore, the assignments will still be completed on time.

sorry for posting so many assignment related posts. it's just because i'm just being swarmed by it as of this moment and i do not have a laptop to help me when i'm away for the conference. so i need to finish everything before i leave which is quite impossible at the rate that i'm going.

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