16 May 2007

national youth day

event: national youth day

date : may 15

venue : bukit jalil indoor stadium

time : 8pm onwards

national youth day (hri belia negara) was awesome! there were so many people! i felt like i was in a rock concert. emcees were cheryl samad and awal. there was an opening act by a band calld ".. radio .. .." i didn't get the name because it was noisy.there was a malay song performance by don't know who and the opening ceremony with lots of stunts (bike stunts, abseiling stunts, etc) and lots of fireworks too!

i love that day very much. it is like a day to meet back all friends. ya, i only meet them once a year or during other youth events. i remember their faces more than their names. haha. some don't even look like the last i saw them. they changed so much. faisal, that's you!

the first person i saw was dzulfikar from scouts. i met him when mbwp had a small meeting with kak ida. mrs woon sent me there and that ws how i know him. later on, there was a youth event at laman tunku abdul rahman. there's where i saw him again and knew a few others like rusdji, faisal,etc (told you i can't remember names) and also their titiwangsa dc, en latiff. always see him around during mbwp meetings as well.

i met billy there. i called him once i reached bukit jalil with hopes that he'll be there adn he was! i last saw him a few months back.

and yaseer from gepima. i never knew he had a twin brother until that day because i never see them both standing next to each other all these time.

i just miss everything and everyone so much. wonder when will i get to see all of them again.

i didn't manage to take any pictures because i was busy waving the flag. darn it was heavy. if you notice in the news (if it was aired) the pandu puteri flag, it could either be me or my friend, karling waving it with all our might to get the flag on tv. we got it viewed on the big screen though. haha.

i hope i'll be getting some pictures from grace. she was the only one taking pictures among us. well, pr person for girl guides.

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