14 May 2007

ASSignments complete!

ahhhh.... relief!

the crazy ASSignment is done. i'm 100 words shy from the approximate limit given. i can't go on anymore. i've got nothing else to write. i don't even know if i'm going on the right track. hopefully everything goes well. it is 40% of one hell of an ASS ASSignment and one more of the similar one will be due on 4th june.

i can't do the dreamweaver tutorial though i followed the steps given. i start all over and even made adlan do it for me but both results are still the same. i guess i need to consult ms thong. it's due this thursday and the indesign due on monday. and i don't have indesign cs2. stupid australians. cs1 cannot meh now? it is the same!

argh!! i just couldn't seem to make ASSignIT work. how am i going to upload my ASSignment? later mr shahid thinks i hand in late and what if he deduct my marks? darn. stupid connection. stupid australians for not having the file limit bigger. makes it so hard to upload.

1 comment:

Cheneille said...

stupid australians indeed. everyfuckingthing must adhere to ONE specific rule, then they have the audacity to talk about human rights and free speech and shit.

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