31 May 2007

assignment panic

it's getting crazy!! i'm down with a fever now with aches all over the body especially my neck. it hurts at very position. turn left, turn right, look straight, except for when i'm sleeping.

i need to rush my assignments a week earlier because i'll be away from the 3-10 june for the asia pacific conference by the girl guides and girl scouts and i'm with the malaysia contingent. and yes, i have not prepared anything for it yet. i'm just too worried about my assignments. i'm afraid i cannot finish it in time.

aih.. will start working on the assignment now. first stop, read ALL the readings from week 7-12 to find relevant sources. yes, it is THE requirement to find at least 5 references from the readings/articles taught during those week. previous assignment was based on wek 1-6. so here,.. i'm off to reading and highlighting sentences that i can use. i need 5 at least. and it's not easy..

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