29 May 2007

theme 20 : babak

ah.. i submitted a picture for after much thinking and watching much movies or dramas just to capture the lines of the scene, i managed to do so this evening. i was watching an old movie by amy mastura titled puteri impian 2. this is the sequel to the first one which surprisingly i watched as well.

here's the picture

i hope it fits the theme.

i'm going to start filling in the labels as well.

ok, it is going to be raining cats and dogs here. i better log off before my modem gets striked by lightning!


tumpanglalu said...

cool! button berbentuk hati! nway melissa edit ka kaler foto ni sbb nmpk mcm tone dia dah berubah. rules kata kena foto berwarna. kalu aku salah tolong betulkn ya..

rainingheaven said...

button tu gelap sket warna nye. tak hitam sgt dan tak putih tiles mmg warna itu. mel letak sket warna merah ngan hijau je. itu je.

but thanks for letting me know

Dani said...

hey melissa! what are you doing with brief a bit.. see you around!

rainingheaven said...

hi dani! is a place where anyone can send in their photos based on the theme of the month. the picture should include the theme (as in the word). check the web page out and you'll get the idea.

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