16 April 2007

tema 19 : vertikal 1

here it is the post for this month's theme at persetankan. vertical (vertikal in bahasa). i wasn't sure if my picture is vertical enough. i gave it a try and send it in and to my surprise, it is in! i showed the picture to adlan and boy was he surprise. that's him in the picture. haha.

we have been crossing the tracks to get to the station and to college for almost 4 years now (that's when we started our diploma). and only now they have finally decided to built the pedestrian bridge. the bridge project started last year before our 4-months holiday but until now the bridge is not complete.

i guess by the time the bridge is ready to use by college students and working people around the area, i would have already graduated.

oh well, i just love this picture!

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