19 April 2007

sick = quiet

faiz is sick. when he is sick, it is not good. that is what i found out. why? because it is so DARN quiet when he is sick!

he's not as talkative as he should be.he's not laughing as loud as he should be.he's not thinking randomly like he always do.
gosh, when a person falls sick, it really changes a person for a few days until the virus is all gone.
but one thing that didn't change is his heart. thank god!

apparently, he woke up really early this morning to make dragonfruit juice for himself. he put it in a 300ml bottle. yes, 300ml for a dragonfruit juice. i wonder how many dragonfruit does it take to fill up the bottle. well, he drank like 1/4 of it and gave me the rest. i insisted that he finished up the whole bottle but he's really stubborn about it and wants me to finish it and take the bottle back as well. (i did mention to him before that i would love to have the bottle because the bottle is cute unlike any bottle you find outside in the store)
oh well, i'm enjoying the juice now will he's suffering from flu and fever at home. i'm so evil!

another suprising fact, i found out this morning that both of us actually slept for about 12 hours. we slept from about 5 something i guess until 6 this morning. i didn't realise i slept that long. neither did he. until this morning when he related his story to me that i found out that's exactly what happen to me as well! maybe it was the hartz chicken buffet that filled our tummy. thus making us sleep soundly right after that.

i hope he cures fast! i miss his energy! yeah, i miss his energy because i do not have any energy myself. i get energy from him. it effects what i do. like the sleeping part. i'm the energy sucker!! muahaha

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