14 April 2007

the joke is on me

things hasn't been good between us. just because i got close to a guy friend. now the joke is on me.

he still thinks i'm more than friends with this guy eventhough i have already explain over and over again. he doesn't trust me anymore. i just don't understand why.

now, he says, he'll go back to uni and get another girlfriend so that i know how it feels to be cheated on. he doesn't have to find one as i already feel it but i just don't understand why. it is just a close friend. why must he over exaggerate things?

i don't know how to explain to him anymore since all my explanations falls on deaf ears. besides, even if it is true, he won't even care less because he doesn't trust me anymore.

a friend suggested to me to talk to his mom to see if things can be sorted out. without him knowing i talked to his mom of course. i think i'll do that.

i've already had enough of crying. it's the solution that i need. he doesn't want to open the door for me to patch things up. i'll have to find a way somehow even if it means my life.

ansari, terima kasih atas semua nasihat anda juga. tetapi nampaknya tidak dapat membuahkan hasil disebabkan dia sudah hilang semua kepercayaannya terhadap saya. namun demikian, terima kasih atas segalanya.

faiz, thanks for all the days that you spent listening to me talk and weep. all the messages we have been sending over too. thanks so much. i just don't know how to repay you for all the days you have spent meeting me to talk me over about giving up.

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