10 April 2007

it sucks

i know some of my friends are going to hate this post so much but i really do have to let it out. maybe not all but at least part of it.

i'm in a tough situation right now with him. there's no hope anymore it seems. he just called to scold and yell at me just now when all this while i was trying my very best to console. no matter what i do, everything seem wrong to him. i tried my best. maybe i tried too hard to satisfy him. i give and i give and i give but i never get anything in return for myself.

maybe that's why. i guess i had enough of it. i have to find a fullstop. i just didn't expect it to happen so soon. luck wasn't on my side. i saw this coming. i just wasn't prepared.

i'm really in a mess right now. nothing can help me.

if i can go out right now, i would go. but i'm still tied to house rules. thus leaving me to cry everything out loud in my own space. it feels much better but it doesn't change what has happened.

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