09 April 2007

girl guide - alma mater

i found this picture in my folder.

by right we do not have name tags like this. it was my committee (4th pudu rangers - smk aminuddin baki, kl) that wanted it so much as they said it would be a memorable item. yes, indeed it was memorable because i'm not sure why my juniors didn't follow suit. i'm still wondering.

i only wore the name tag for a year of my post. ya, unit leader. hah, think my assistant did more work than me. i was the blank one with no idea what to do. of course, we do have brain storming sessions before any meetings. i miss going to campfires. it has been a LOOOONG while since i last went to one.

now that i'm no longer in the green uniform but the blue kebaya, it seems weird to have people pointing at you. not many girls my age wants to continue serving the girl guides. there was one year i wore the kebaya, other girls were wondering which planet i was from! maybe they were just surprise to find out that their association has other uniform colours besides the green one.
i'm still proud to be a girl guide no matter what colour is the uniform.

for your information, i still have to wear the green uniform too at times only that mine is of a different cutting and has 2 front pockets at the bottom too. =p

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