25 April 2007

first laptop posting

ah ha! you caught me there. yes, this is my first laptop posting. no, i haven't own a laptop yet though i have always wanted. this laptop here belongs to faiz and we are at starbucks right at this moment!

haha, my first experience on the laptop. so odd!! i don't know how to use the touchpad mouse (or whatever you guys called it). my cursor is just everywhere! the keyboard has no sound at all unlike my desktop keyboard which is pretty noisy compared to this sweet lappie (nama manja) here.

opposite me is a guy who is wearing his sunglasses and typing away on his lappie as well. weird thing is, kl sentral starbucks's lighting is just fine. no sun glaring at his eyes. but i just don't understand the sunglasses. i supposed he just wants to make a fashion statement. and mind you, it is those bee eyes glasses. HUGE!! i want to own one too!

ok, i guess this is one horrible post because i'm just plain bored with no inspiration to put anything on the net. i guess this blog is going to be my photoblog cum personal blog soon.

oh well, take care and adios!!!

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