05 April 2007


today, i've decided not to write a post but instead i'll be giving you something.

i've stumbled upon this site quite a LOOOONNNGGG while ago. it's called cuppacakes. created by +wondermilk.

i have not tried it personally yet. but based on peers, they seem good. you can get freshly baked cupcakes. no, they ONLY bake them when you order. they are not like any ordinary cake houses you can find anywhere. go through the site, you can find that their cupcakes are all thematic. different themes different designs. yummy! they now have so many themes compared to when they first started.

they even do delivery!! weeheee!! happy for those who are unable to collect your cupcakes after placing your orders. you can have them delivered to your doorstep.

worth a try. i am thinking to get some for my coming 21st birthday. that is if there is going to be a celebration. but i doubt it. most probably there isn't. but i'll be happy to have a couple of close friends around.


She's Jess said...

I've tried that before and I got them deliver to my place.. but at the end, the person in charge got lost.. so I had to meet her in somewhere, still have to pay the exact fair for the delivery charge.

They look cute but a bit messy I would say for their design..

melissa said...

aiyoh. like that wan ar. why never give you discount or something. so no customer relation

irdzra said...

tired it mak angkat gave it to me last year..the design is sooo a whole box of em..

alongariff said...

bought thrice of their cuppies, sgt best.

great for special occasions since they can b a bit pricey compared to those cuppacakes available these days.

but it's worth it.

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