09 March 2007

girls' summit 2007

i was at pppm today to help with the final things to be done for the girls' summit which begins tomorrow until tuesday. i couldn't help much tonight because i have to teach tomorrow morning. sorry karling for i have to leave you with the juggle balls but don't worry, i've completed the 100 over sets of files and hand outs. will help you with the juggle balls tomorrow night if you and kimberly can't finish it tonight.

i won't be there for the monday session as i'm having class. i'll be going on tuesday right after class for the closing ceremony which is schedule to start at 10.30am (my class finishes at 10am). hopefully ktm doesn't fail me this time. i am to attend the closing and also the certificate ceremony. i'll have to wear my uniform to college then as there won't be time for me to change.

a random picture i took in the bus the other day. i don't know why i took the picture. i guess it is because i like blue and the seats so happen to be blue and there weren't anyone on the bus yet.

hope all things go well for the girls' summit

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