12 March 2007

girls' summit 2007 day 2-3

day 2

during the day is the scientific creative thinking workshop which will be conducted on day 2 and day 3 from 9am to 5pm. at night, we had a forum. the chairperson for the forum is julie hennie (selangor). the fellow panelists are beatrice (n9), eng eng (sarawak), karling and gwen (kedah), kimberly (sabah) and me!

topic of the forum is "kepanduan dan saya". we talked about ourselves as the 6 of us come from different backgrounds. i was being questioned about how i juggle my life in guiding, social life and studies. i was also being asked about what happen to the queen's guides that has obtained the cert and my opinion about them (the question was thrown to me because i was not a queen's guide).

day 3

i went there after class. we practiced on the creative thinking tool called "random entry" which we learnt yesterday. we were to make a structure using severla items and the structure is to hold the egg at the top most and withstand a quake of 6.3 richter scale.

the items to build th stucture were as follows :

straws, tape, paper clips, strings.

the catch to it is that each item has a cost. to determine how much we use to build our structure. interestingand fun. really crack our brains to come out with something from the "random entry".

nice one. lucky our structure didn't fall. or else, it will be so embarassing tohave the facilitator's product on the ground.

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