13 March 2007

end of girls' summit 2007

girls' summit 2007 ended with success. sad but i missed marina mahathir's talk on advocacy. i missed the talk but i didn't miss seeing her. i saw her just before she left. lucky me!

we got our certs during the closing ceremony. i have to ask grace for pictures. she has a 1G memory card for a camera. so much more than my 256mb.

oh ya, karling and i took turns taking pictures with this table at the institut perguruan bahasa melayu malaysia (IPBMM). in the middle of the table, has the pandu puteri logo! grace asked dato' nik about it and dato' said that it was because pandu puteri did an activity at IPBMM before. so that's why the table has the logo.

here's me and the logo taken by karling :

haha, i know, i know. i look darn funny. ya, i rushed to ipbmm right after class. talk about it.

ps: my bangs sucked in this picture. hmm

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