05 March 2007

camera - Sony DSC-V3

as most photographers call their cameras a "tool". so here's my "tool" for you to drool. haha.

here's the Sony DSC-V3. i got this second hand middle last year. i got it dirt cheap. you'll be surprise if i mention the price. ya, dad checked on e-bay for the price people are offering and found out that we got the best deal ever.

the previous owner just wanted it to be with someone who appreciates it. price is not the factor. he got a new tool i suppose. daddy made me the proud owner of this sony.

i barely know how to use all the functions. i basically go for auto, potrait, makro and that's about it. haha.. yaya, you must be thinking that this camera is wasted on me.

oh well, as long as the pictures turn out fine.

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