07 February 2007

taman connaught pasar malam

the pasar malam is at its WORST!

worst being the traffic of cars actually. policemen are never seen to help ease the traffic.

a trip from the bandar tasik selatan lrt station to my house usually takes less than 15 minutes. but whenever the pasar malam is here on wednesday, i only reach home a whole godly 2 hours later. that would be 11.30pm to be exact. imagine having to take the bus.

ya, unfortunately for me the pasar malam is 2 rows behind my house. thank god it isn't directly behind my house or else i'll have to suffer from the cards using the road to cut the traffic.

this is what i observe during my journey home. hey i have 2 FREAKING hours for it.

1. they know they are going to do the U-turn but they don't queue. they don't like people cutting their lines so why must they cut others.

2. they do not put their signal lights when they want to do a turn. they JUST TURN!

3. the 3-lane connaught highway at times becomes a 4 or 5 or even 6 lanes!

4. they just park anywhere and everywhere as they wish just to get to the pasar malam.

5. ................... i cannot say anymore. i am going to burst with rage!

i would like to do the following

1. getting down the car just before the U-turn and stick post-it notes with the words "Please Q" on it and blow the whistle and force them to NOT make the U-turn.

2. taking a key and scratch on their keys for parking at the emergency lane of the highway. also includes those who are waiting behind those parked cars. that's why you see so many LANES on that particular highway.

3. fire spitballs at their cars for cutting the line.

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