06 February 2007

not what i had in mind

i thought being selected was the greatest thing that has happen in my life. well, yes, it is still the greatest thing but it comes with consequences.

mummy didn't like the sound of it when i told her i cannot follow her to subang as my friends and i have to get the action plan out asap as the event is two weeks from now. (that's the assignment for being selected. and there's only 4 of us who are willing to take it up)

i know i'm lucky. in the morning, mum was so supportive. but when i came home after the meeting and laid it out to her what is going to happen in the year's time, she doesn't seem that happy anymore. all she said was,"as long as the activities aren't on saturdays, i don't care how you are going to do it, you are to handle it yourself besides your classes are going to start soon."

yes, i understand what situation i am putting myself in. but it is a great pleasure to be selected and to do something great for myself. i feel like i'm on top of the world with full of sh*t(problems).


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