02 January 2007

post of the new year

a little recap from the day of my last post.

dec 25 - dinner at aunt's. i got bitten by my dog which we brought along to meet my aunt's dog which is the brother to my dog.

dec 30 - makan fiesta for bec group at aunt mary anne's. my job was bbq-ing all the chicken. i think there were more than 100. i had a blister on my thigh because the heat was so hot that my syilings in my pocket was hot as well thus leaving my thigh red and with a blister. when i returned home, my dog went mad and bit my foot. it was bleeding and sore. now it is a 6-hole scar.

dec 31 - food at aunt serena's. she made sushi, tempura, CHEESECAKE, PANDAN LAYERED CAKE and YAM LAYERED CAKE. small session of bbq there as well. but i have no energy to bbq anymore. my left fingers were stiff because of the bbq the day before.

jan 1 - stayed at home and do housework.

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